Get Inspired, Be Inspiring

Our boys have done this camp two summers in a row and are looking forward to it again this summer. The coaching, playing, and passion for the game are the elements that this group brought to our kids. The love for this sport is something I want my children to carry with them forever regardless of whether they decide to pursue playing or not. I truly believe passion for sports, exercise, and teamwork which this program encourages keeps our youth on the right track.​

~Jeanette C. - Austin (TX)

My two sons LOVE this camp! It offers just the right amount of instruction and fun! The kids have a blast and they don't even know they're being coached the entire time! The groups are small so there is plenty of individual instruction when being taught new skills and when scrimmaging at the end of the day. Great coaching and friendly staff who goes above and beyond to get to know each child and make sure they're having a great day!​​

~Kate C. - Austin (TX)

​Excelente campamento de soccer 
Calificados entrenadores y ambiente padrisimo para los jóvenes 
Hemos compartido ya dos veces el campamento y es genial ya estamos ansiosos por el próximo !!
Y si son entrenadores de España !!!

~Silvia A. - El Paso (TX)

When my wife and subscribed our kids to summer camp back in December of 2015, we hoped it was a good idea. It certainly was, my kids learned, and had fun while working and training hard with a group of very knowledgeable, certified and most of all, joyful coaches!
That experience has been very inspirational for both my kids, and still is, they have become our coaches from Spain that's helping us know how to let my boys to develop their full potential.
We are grateful with Inspire soccer's Sergi & Susan for what they do with al the Girls and Boys that attend their summer camps !

Don't think it twice, if you have the chance to take your kid to the upcoming camps, do it, you won't regret it

~Gabriel P. - Laredo (TX)

Great soccer with great people!! We are in Barcelona with Sergi getting ready for a tournament, Sergi received us  with such warmth, well organized and passionate about what he does. We will do it again for as long as we can!!! Cheers to Sergi and his team  ;)

~Said F - Austin (TX)


This is the best soccer camp my kids have ever been to! My kids look forward to this camp EVERY summer and have a blast every second they are playing. The coaches are all top notch and are fantastic with the kids. You will not find another soccer camp like this one. The kids are learning great technique and skill and are having a blast while doing it. The founders Susan and Sergi care so much about each and every child and work hard to make sure this camp not only teaches the campers how to play soccer, Spaniard style, but want to make sure the kids walk away with smiles on their faces every day!​

~Alexa R. - Austin (TX)